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Ep. 24 – Azure SQL Database REST Integration

A very cool, probably mis-understood, nugget this time around!

Natively calling REST based (actually HTTP based, since you can call GraphQL too!) within Azure SQL database!  

I have done something similar years ago using OLE style SQL coding, but this felt a little clunky and goodness knows what the performance issues might have been!

This is native.. this is Azure SQL Database so, given the managed nature of the “server” within Azure, it feels/sounds like it has stability.  This is only public preview.. I had seen an early adopter version but it didn’t really sink in..

Take a look at the blog post from Davide Mauri.. at first it might not click what you can do.. but when you think of Event Grid/Hub and Azure functions to name a couple, the landscape really opens up!

Azure SQL Database External REST Endpoints Integration Public Preview – Azure SQL Devs’ Corner (