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Ep. 25 – Fermyon WASM Microservice Containers

Okay, where to start!  Well, couple of episodes back I talked about how Docker are previewing Docker with WASM (Web Assembly).  So WASM became popular from Blazor the Microsoft tech to essentially bring compiled .NET code into the browser (and lots of other technologies can be used with WASM of course!).

Seems WASM, and WASI, are moving from just browser based to other worlds including the server/cloud.

This JFM talks about Fermyon who have something called SPIN to create event driven microservices using WASM (instead of say Docker containers).  They also have a cloud offering which seems more compact/faster than possibly Docker containers (i.e. the current container tech that is!).

Link to the Fermyon article here: Fermyon Built a WebAssembly Cloud to Push Serverless Microservices Beyond Containers (

Also., what is WASI: Wasm, WASI, Wagi: What are they? | Fermyon Technologies (@FermyonTech)

Link to the Fermyon cloud here: Fermyon Cloud | Fermyon Developer

And finally, the GitHub Repo for Fermyon SPIN here: fermyon/spin: Spin is an open source framework for building and running fast, secure, and composable cloud microservices with WebAssembly (