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Ep.30 – VPN and Tunnels

This time around we have some VPN and Tunnel info.  Lots of VPN solutions out there, but I wanted to highlight one that I have been using (successfully!) which has a really nice free version too!

The VPN (but also has tunneling capabilities and more) is TailScale 

Also, Cloudflare, which is a massive cloud based set of services everything from network management/firewall/caching and goodness knows what to, yes, tunnels too!

For more of a Microsoft/Visual Studio specific option, you can check out dev tunnels too.

Why do you need a tunnel? well, lots of reasons to perhaps want secure access to your own machines (although, always be careful what you expose and ensure you understand what it is you are doing!) or, in my case, I might create some API’s or apps that I want to test/show online without having to host to start with.