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Ep.31 – Docker Extensions: Harpoon for Managing Kubernetes (K8S) Visually

An interesting journey working with Docker over the years.  Docker is great for containerising your apps, but what happens when you start to have a lot of containers and/or you want fail-over support?

Well, even though Kubernetes (also known as K8S for short!) isn’t the only orchestration tool out there, it is fairly common and a “go to” for a lot of devs.

Setting up and managing K8S can be a handful, but if you you use Docker Desktop on your OS of choice, you can take advantage of “Docker Extensions”.  One being “harpoon” to visually create and manage your K8S landscape.

Open up Docker Desktop and click on Extensions.  Do a search for “Harpoon”.

Also, if you want a nice introduction to Kubernetes, check out this link.  I do love ByteByteGo articles!

Here is a link to the Harpoon extension.