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Ep.32 – Motion – Use AI to organise your life

AI is taking over!  well, maybe not quite, but it is and will continue to be embedded in our day-to-day lives.

For this episode, I have been exploring Motion (links below).  An app to use AI to organise your life.  Uses the concept of “time blocking” (link below) and essentially lets you pull in all of your calendars (personal and business) as well as a variety of todo apps, and keeps them in sync but attempts to use some good old AI to attempt to organise the important things you need to focus on.

In my honest opinion, the app is a bit pricey (no affiliation BTW, just my own observations!), but then if you think about synchronising all of your calendar/todo’s anyway with the advantage of some organisation/planning, maybe it isn’t too expensive.  Also, if you do pay, then there is probably more chance of actually employing good practices the app is attempting to help with!

This concept/idea is certainly one for myself – keeping focus on the important tasks whatever they may be (work/family/unicorn racing, whatever!).

Here is the link to the motion blog article about time blocking.

Also, the link to the main app page.