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Ep.33 – Web 3.0: What is a DAPP?

Well, nothing like a light bit of listening!  Web 3.0?  Over hyped/Over used term? perhaps, but there are nuggets in them thar hype-fields!

Way too much to discuss in 5 (or even 6) mins!  but I try… Certainly, the world of decentralised “whatever” is here and has been some time.  I might delve a little deeper into some of the subjects of Web 3.0 including Blockchain generally, dApps of course, and NFT’s – trying to make sense, and importantly, make use of any of these emerging technologies.

Some links I have been referring to:

Inrupt – the organisation with Tim Berners-Lee

Solid – PODS to store your data securely and keep control of

Article from Telerik here