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Ep.35 – Retool Low Code Development

Yet another low code development environment, but this one has some interesting twists!

Retool is a low code development environment which has a browser based IDE to allow you to build internal apps very quickly!  you can connect to lots of database systems out there, including SAP HANA which is interesting from my day-to-day role 🙂

You can also connect to a wide variety of API’s including GraphQL, gRPC and custom REST API’s – of course there are pre-built connections to a lot of popular API’s such as Salesforce, Shopify to name a couple.

An additional bonus that caught my eye is the fact Retool allows a FREE version for up to 5 users, both cloud based and locally hosted!  The local hosted model is very interesting since you have the option to host the Retool stack in AWS or wherever you wish in addition to being able to run Retool locally via a docker container 🙂  that means you can run Retool on your laptop/PC or indeed on an internal server.  Again, this is FREE for up to 5 users.

The IDE is browser based and mostly drag and drop to build UI interfaces.  You can define your queries both via SQL script or via a GUI to assist you.

Definitely a cool low code environment to check out!

BONUS!  They also have a native mobile option in beta/preview currently!  again, worth checking out for sure.