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Ep.41 – JSON Crack

Okay, giggles aside, this is a really slick way to visualise and work with JSON data.. but hang on, not just JSON but XML as well as others.

This reminds me a little of schema explorer by my good friend Tim.

When I first saw this, the website was only for JSON data it seemed.  However, upon returning to the site, I was presented with another editor view called Herowand (excellent names!).  Herowand seems to be the JSON editor AND an editor for XML, YAML and something called TOML 🙂  I had never heard of TOML but JSON and XML of course is my daily diet 😉

A very cool set of projects, open sourced and available on GitHub (I think written in NextJS unless I am wrong).

You can also use VS-CODE to add the viewer as an extension which is really useful or of course embed into your own product or website.  Read the license information as always though!  possibly consider becoming a patreon  if it is useful 🙂

Link to JSON Crack itself here

Link direct to Herowand for the combined JSON, XML etc. editor here

Link to the GitHub repo here