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Ep.43 – JavaScript is dead long live JavaScript

Why you should use Marionette.js

The true zombie effect… JavaScript will never die!

Even though Douglas Crockford said the best thing we can do with JavaScript is to retire it.  Look, i get it, JavaScript isn’t brilliant, in some cases, but it is what it is and I can’t see it disappearing any time soon.  The horse has very much bolted so much so you might want to start using “light years” to specify how far!

There have been so many attempts to replace JavaScript over the years.  I honestly thought Dart we do that job or any number of others, but here we are.

So, even though I have only touched briefly on this, Blazor!  yes, that word!  I did an episode or two-way back however, things are changing a bit in the new release of Blazor (I believe coming in .NET 8 especially).

So, Blazor.  It has been out for some time now and came in two main flavours, web-assembly (client/browser) and of course the server-side version.