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Ep.50 – It’s the end of Stackoverflow as we know it!


50th Episode!  yeah!!  that hardly anyone listens to 😉  Hey, can’t take yourself too seriously right?


Anyway, the end of Stackoverflow as we know… sort of similar to the classic REM song – you must know it!  unless you were born after the year 2000 possibly!

wrote a little rambling blog post about a week or so ago about the rebirth of Stackoverflow.  I guess they had to pivot/innovate given their traffic stats and the introduction of ChatGPT and similar tools (not to mentioned GitHub Co-Pilot of course).

Anyway, the new breed of Stackoverflow (AI) has some interesting features… take a listen!  it really is about 5 minutes long this time!

OverflowAI link here

Just for reference, the announcement video is here too!