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Ep.52 – HTMX No JavaScript Required

There really is no limit what you can do these days – even without JavaScript!

Once again, I have been inspired (aka stollen!) by a video from, this time about something called HTMX.  It is HTML on steroids (without the nasty side effects of JavaScript 🙂 )

Sprinkle in a few HTML attributes and you have a new way to build modern web apps without touching a line of JavaScript.  HTMX even has a client-side router (boost) to enable the single page app (SPA) feel.

Would you still need JavaScript? perhaps, however, for a lot of apps and more so these days using headless CMS systems ( is a fav of mine) to return snippets/islands of pre-rendered HTML, then this might be a useful tool in the magic dev tool box.

Here is the official link to HTMX.

If you want to read a little more too, please visit my blog post here.