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Ep.56 – What are Vectors and how are they used

Well, if you don’t get the joke in the title gif/images, then perhaps this will help (yes, it is an old movie but still very funny!).  I the “Airplane” movie is still one of my favs!

So, vectors and what the heck they are all about.  Well, of late, vector databases have been getting a lot of visibility as well as established database vendors (Postgress etc.) adding vector database functionality.

Vectors appear in many AI/programming contexts, but one realm is text embeddings used in a lot of AI models to represent words/phrases etc. as arrays of numbers that can be used to find similar things.

Two great videos below will explain vectors, text embeddings and vector databases a lot better than myself!

A great 30 min intro to text embeddings

A quick dip into the world of vector databases (yes, the Fireship guy again!)