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Ep.59 – The ARC of Truth or Browser in this case

Another browser?  Well, a browser with some nifty tricks up its sleeves perhaps!  It also still uses the chromium engine, so no worries about another browser compatibility war!

The browser company has developed a new bundle of AI-powered features called Arc Max. The goal of Arc Max is to make the internet experience faster and easier for users. Some of the features of Arc Max include 5-second previews, which provide information on restaurants or other websites by simply hovering over a link; tidy tab titles that shorten and organize the titles of open tabs; automatic renaming of downloaded files to make them easier to find; and an AI-powered search function called “Ask on Page” that quickly finds specific information in articles or web pages.

I love their release video – brilliant lesson in marketing and to have some fun along the way, take a look here.

Until the next time!