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Ep.67 – Logseq Knowledge Management Open Source

Welcome back!  

For this episode, kindly suggested by my good friend Tim Abell, we have a privacy first knowledge management app for all of your devices.  You could download the code, run as a docker container which means you could keep everything on your own environment instead of letting those massive corporations control you! ( 🙂 ).

Anyway, take a listen for more and the links as mentioned are below:

Link to Logseq GitHub main page here 

(scroll down a bit to see the main read me)

Link to the main website of Logseq – I forgot to mention they have iOS, Android and Desktop covered!

The wonderful Tim “whispering Bob” Abell Software Should Be Free podcast

Finally, a direct link to the codebase read me for Logseq if you want to explore further

Until the next time, take care!