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Ep.55 – BUN a clever replacement for NodeJS

Oh, I wish they had called this Bunee!

So, another week another framework!  But this one is clever, I think.  BUN is a drop-in style replacement for NodeJS.  Aims to be much faster and includes a lot of things out of the box including its own package manager/bundler along with native support for tests and SQLite.

Because BUN has pretty much full compatibility with NodeJS, you can use NodeJS modules and of course NPM – but for new projects, you could probably find most native API’s have got you covered.

The next thing for myself is to try BUN with HTMX (the Javascript-less frontend library) as I can see (for some projects) some amazing productivity gains for a lot of my webapps!

No bunee’s were harmed in the making of this podcast 🙂